Monday, August 7, 2017



Councilor work begins with the selection of the starting order type.

Exhibited a market order, it exhibited the opposite pending order lot is three times larger than the first at a distance equal value step points. When it works, again exhibited the opposite pending order lot is twice the latter open and so on.

The distance between the orders and stop-loss and take-profit level can be set at their discretion.

Trades on any timeframe on any currency, it is advisable to trade on more volatile pairs. Only on the currency!


  • StartType - Type the starting order, 0 - BUY, 1 - SELL

  • Lots - starting auction

  • Factor_First - Lot first multiplier pending order

  • Factor_Next - subsequent bid multiplier

  • SL - limit level of losses
  • Step - the distance between points in orders (which exhibited pending orders)

  • TP - profit taking level

  • Slip - slip

  • Magic - magic number


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