Friday, August 18, 2017



adviser Kangaroo adapted to couple AUDUSD.


  • Lot - volume of trade orders, if the value is "0.0", the volume is calculated according to the established risk as a percentage of the deposit;

  • StopLoss - stop-loss value;

  • ZeroProfit - number of points through which the stop-loss translates into the black;

  • Spread - the magnitude of the spread;

  • Risk - the risk as a percentage of the deposit for the automatic calculation of trading volume;

  • Slip - the maximum deviation of the price at the opening of trading positions;

  • UseTrailing - switch off trailing stop function; do not touch.

  • TrailingStart - distance in points, after which activated trailing stop;

  • TrailingNext - the value of the next trailing stop in points.

Advisor configured to couple h1 AUDUSD at a minimum of 100 units and 5 digits. 4 signs you need to reduce the number of zeros.

Example: -100 to five characters, 4 characters - 10.

Remember, when trading in the forex market there is a high degree of risk. Do not invest money that may upset the balance of your life.

Adviser will constantly change under the current market situation.


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