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Advisor pending orders

The operating principle of the adviser is quite simple and concise.

Limit orders Advisor (Expert Pending Order risk) puts two pending orders BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP on the trader's choice or at a predetermined distance or a distance equal to the arithmetic average height of the last bars (or at the minimum allowed distance) from the current price. The Expert presents two options Lot: fixed and percentage (FixLot if the parameter is zero, the calculation performed on Lot Risk - exposure as a percentage of the deposit). Advisor exposes the order of seconds before closing said candle (TimeStart parameter) and after predetermined seconds after the opening of a new spark triggered removes not warrant (TimeEnd parameter). It works on all currency pairs and periods. Pending orders are placed with a predetermined StopLoss and TakeProfit (for zero values ​​of the corresponding setting is disabled). Temporal filter can work around the clock or trading sessions (HourStart - hour start issuing orders and HourEnd - hour graduation work advisor).

Closes order:

  1. TakeProfit

  2. Profit (fixed percentage of the total profit sheet)

  3. LossControl (StopLoss transferred as soon as possible, if the profit on the transaction in the currency pair is a non-negative)

  4. TrailingStop

Optimally for the strategy - establish an expert on the charts with the period of the M5 or M15 multiple currency pairs (optimize for the last two weeks of the parameters for each pair) and TakeProfit will be. But never forget that all existing robots are only for semi-automatic operation of the trader.


  • PERIOD - working timeframe advisor

  • FixLot - fixed lot; If zero, then the calculation is made on the lot Risk

  • RISK - exposure in% of the deposit (0 to 100)

  • Magic - identifier orders and positions advisor

  • HourStar - hour start issuing orders advisor

  • HourEnd - hour late issuing orders advisor

  • Profit - a percentage of the total balance profit

  • StopLoss - size stop-loss, if 0 - Disabled corresponding parameter

  • TakeProfit of - the size of the take profit, if 0 - disable the corresponding option

  • DeltaPips - the amount of indentation from the current price to place a pending order, if 0, the calculation of DeltaBar

  • DeltaBar - number of last candles to calculate the arithmetic average height, used to indent the current price 

  • TimeStart - the number of seconds before the close of the candle 

  • TimeEnd - the number of seconds after the opening of a new candle, after which the judge will remove not triggered orders 

  • LossControl - transfer StopLoss (if the profit on the transaction in the currency pair is a non-negative) at the earliest opportunity, if false - disabled

  • BUStart - the amount of profit in points for the transfer StopLoss

  • sizeBU - bezubytka point size

  • TrailingStop - trailing stop

  • TrailingStart - profit margins to begin TrailingStop (in points)

  • TrailingDist - TrailingStop distance from the current price (in points)

  • TrailingStep - step TrailingStop (in points)

  • Commentary - commentary in the "Experts" tab


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