Friday, August 4, 2017

In Asian session major indexes

In the Asian session, the major indexes all rose

the major indexes finished the trading in Asia
session in the green zone. Investors here
feel great optimism on
Greek negotiations. even Shanghai
Composite, which is surely
I fell last few sessions and in
During the past week lost about
13%, up today.

  • Shanghai
    another very dramatic session.
    After most of the session
    he was in the red at 2% at the end of
    trades he left the green zone and completed
    day growth of 2.2%.

    but analysts
    HSBC expects
    In the short term
    Correction continues: market regulator
    Securities of the country tries to cool
    dangerously overheated market.

  • Hang Seng
    He added at the end of the day
    1%. The Hong Kong market is inspired
    optimism about the Greek
    negotiations and fresh PMI data
    China: industry
    still slowing, but the pace
    decline were weaker than expected.
    This gives us hope that soon
    begin to rise.

  • Nikkei
    added 1.9%. Japanese
    index continued yesterday's growth and
    I touched its highest level
    over the past 15 years. Focus - one of
    "Heavyweights" of the index: Softbank,
    which forms
    a joint venture with Bhatri
    Enterprises and Taiwan
    company Foxconn Technology.
    shares of Softbank
    up to 1.5%. Toshiba
    increased 0.9%, offsetting
    earlier loss.

  • S P / ASX
    added 1.3%.
    Australian Index - on a three-week
    maximum, the growth leader was made
    banking sector. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    It showed an increase of 2%, the investment group
    Macquarie added

  • Kospi
    added 1.3%. the mood
    South Korean investors in securities
    paper also affected the Greek optimism.
    Samsung Electronics soared
    3.1% after last week
    She reached seven-month low.

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