Thursday, July 27, 2017

Asian stocks were down on Monday

Asian stocks were down on Monday

Greek default and turbulence
on major world markets affected
today at the Asian stock indexes.
All the major indicators lost APR
not less than 1.25%, while Chinese stocks
also influenced domestic news.

  • Shanghai

    a further 3.3%. index correction does not deliver
    no signs of deceleration, despite
    the fact that the People's Bank of China lowered
    base rates on loans to 4.85%, and
    annual deposits - to 2%. reduction
    rate followed the collapse
    Shanghai index on Friday, up 7.4%.
    Today he lost another 3.3%. For the last
    Two weeks correction Shanghai
    Composite was

    the background of the market experts do not see
    such as weakening the strong, as in
    the 2008 crisis. For support
    shares open opportunities
    within the country, but they provide
    the impact of the international situation. there is
    all are clear signs that the government
    seriously cares about stability
    the economy and the stock market. But,
    Nevertheless, the People's Bank of China did not
    could eliminate current fluctuations
    the stock market. Market analysts expect
    the following steps from the government.

  • Index
    Hang Seng I lost
    2.68%. Legend
    Holdings, a manufacturer
    Motherboard for Lenovo
    Group, showed
    very modest debut on the market. Between
    the fact that IPO
    the market waited as one of the largest
    recently. Against this background, almost
    5% lost securities Lenovo

  • Nikkei
    I lost
    many currency investors flee to
    the relative calm of the yen against the background
    events in Greece, so it grows.
    It is traditionally weighs on stocks
    exporters, and they, in turn,
    gone down the national stock
    index. Sentiment crushed and internal
    data. Industrial production in Japan
    May decreased by 2.2%. It is much worse,
    than consensus forecasts: pre
    drop was estimated at 0.8%.

    cheapened companies were, as stated
    above, primarily exporters.
    automakers have been particularly affected.
    Motor lost
    4.3%; Toyota
    Motor and
    lost weight
    on 2%.

    sector also retreated: Nomura
    Holdings lost

  • S P / ASX
    I lost
    2.2%. Sharp losses suffered bank
    sector and the "blue chips". Now the index
    It is on a five-month low.
    Billiton fell
    on 2%. South left and energy
    Company: Woodside
    Petroleum fell
    2.4%; Santos

    Gold Miners raised again
    head after the gold quotes.
    Mining added
    3.9%; Newcrest
    Mining grew

  • Key
    Korean index Kospi
    in the red at 1.4% amid a broad sell-off.
    Electronics dropped
    on its 11-year low, losing on
    trading Monday 4.8%.

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