Thursday, July 6, 2017

Slide Trend

Slide Trend

Slide Trend - A simple indicator showing the trend and allows you to quickly and easily move between schedules.

It is designed for fast analysis and helps you to quickly scroll through all the graphs indicated in the input parameter list.

Minimalistic schedule provides data on the trend in the timeframes D1, W1 and MN.

Trend function (input parameters) allows you to sort out and view only the most powerful symbols. In this case, all the circles of the same color.

Indicator is a tool that accelerates the transfer and receipt of trend data.

graphical objects

  • Scroll arrows (symbols can be changed in the input parameters)

  • Current character

  • 3 range: daily, weekly and monthly trends

Input parameters

  • Show_Only_in_Trend (only symbol display in the trend)

  • SYMBOLS (28 characters)

  • LABEL SETTINGS (signatures settings)

    • Long_Color - the color of the bullish trend

    • Inside_Color - color in the absence of a trend

    • Short_Color - the color of the bearish trend

    • Label settings - Signature settings: color, size, font,

  • POSITION SETTINGS (position adjustment)

    • X, Y to change the position of objects on chart - to change the location of objects in the graph on the X and Y axes

Slide Trend


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