Friday, July 14, 2017

Brent wins back losses deal on

Brent wins back losses: deal on Iran seems to be delayed

crude oil
Brent back up
from the three-month low. By 14.29 MSK
August futures is $ 57.30;
WTI has risen to $ 52.70.
The main growth factor - news about
that Iran is not yet possible
reach an agreement.

Iran and six
World powers delay negotiations
in Vienna. Participants in the debate on both
parties show important contradictions
which are still hampered cancel international
sanctions (and therefore increase
Output of Iranian oil to the world markets).

Now, according to
analysts, those market participants who
We put on the rapid growth of the Iranian
oil market, will expand its position.
This will have a short-term oil prices

on the Iranian nuclear program agreement
It is delayed at least until
Friday. A senior Iranian
the diplomat said on Wednesday that Tehran
agrees to be flexible with regard to
its "red lines" and stated:
Financial markets have been excessively
optimistic about the prospects for a deal.

Another factor
segodnyashy support oil - expectations
decline in US oil inventories. Report
American Petroleum Institute yesterday
It showed a decrease of 958,000 barrels, and
official data is expected today.

medium-term investors
experienced legitimate concerns:
sad prospects of demand because
China turned a full stock
crisis, but Greece still has no
guarantee of salvation from the financial

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