Friday, July 28, 2017

GBPJPY adx based

GBPJPY adx based

Advisor is based on the ADX. EA trades exclusively on GBPJPY. This is a complex and powerful strategy for professional traders and investors. This is not one of those strategies that promises to get rich in a week. To assess its work takes time. When tested on the history of the expert has made more than 484 transactions for the period of 7.5 years with a maximum drawdown of 2.7% and a profit factor of 1.4. the quality of testing in 99% and real tick data provides an advantage over other strategies. Together with Monte Carlo analysis, this strategy has passed tests for reliability and is ready to work without any further optimization.

Note: Do not forget that any strategy are losing periods, so do not panic if you do not profit for a few weeks. I also recommend to get acquainted with my other strategies in order to build a portfolio to maximize profits and minimize losses.


  • MinimumSLTP = 10 - minimum stop-loss / take profit

  • MaximumSLTP = 50 - Maximum stop-loss / take profit

  • UseMoneyManagement = false - enable / disable automatic control of capital

  • Lots Decimals = 2 - broker should support trade micro lot; set the value to 1, if your broker does not support microlots

  • RiskInPercent = 2.0 - risk per trade as a percentage of the account balance using an automatic money management

  • Maximum Lots = 0.5 - maximum lot size

  • Use Fixed Money - use a fixed amount (True / False)

  • Risk In Money - the size of the risk in terms of money instead of the lot or%

  • Max Trades Per Day - the maximum number of trades per day

  • MaxSlippage = 3 - Maximum slippage

  • MagicNumber = 12345 - the magic number for the expert deals

  • CustomComment - user comment

  • DisplayInfoPanel = false - Enable or disable the display of the information panel on the chart

  • All other settings are rather simple. However, if you have any questions, please contact me.

GBPJPY adx based

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