Friday, July 14, 2017

European stocks fall fall of leader

European stocks fall, the fall of a leader - the banking sector

in front of the situation with Greece today
pressure on European indicators. By 13.18
DAX decreased by 1.51%; FTSE
100 - 0.76%; CAC 40 - at
1.14%. Greatly subside peripheral
indexes - IBEX 35 is already in the red
1.45%; FTSE MIB - 1.93%.

now it accounts for banking sector
Europe. For example, the Italian group
Intesa Sanpaolo has already lost
2.92%: futures on Italian bonds
go deep down because of concerns
the debt crisis in Greece. BNP
Paribas has lost 2.10%; Deutsche
Bank - 2,35%. The Italian group Santander
in the red at 1.74%.

In the short
term, the majority of stock indices
Experts predict further

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