Monday, July 24, 2017

Zone pips

Zone pips

Zone pips - fully automated Forex-Advisor, which uses two types of orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Advisor also uses the system recovery after damage.

It is recommended to expert testing on a demo account MetaQuotes.

timeframe - Only H1.

Input parameters

  • TP - Take Profit.

  • AutoTP - true / false (automatic calculation of take-profit).

  • Min_Zone - minimum recovery zone in pips.

  • Max_Zone - maximum recovery zone in pips.

  • Nbars - minimum number of bars for reduction zone.

  • Lot - the initial lot.

  • Lotmax - the maximum amount.

  • MN - factor.

  • MagicNumber - magic number.

  • slippage - slippage.

  • StartDay - the beginning of trading.

  • StopDay - the end of the trade.

Zone pips

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