Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gazprom is building strategic

Gazprom is building a strategic alliance with Royal Dutch Shell

Director of Gazprom, Alexei Miller,
told the news agency Reuters, that
Russian gas giant is preparing
a global strategic alliance with
Royal Dutch Shell. This will allow
Russian company to enter new

Gazprom, one
of the world's leading manufacturers
gas, said on Thursday that a joint
Shell plans to build
two new pipelines under the Baltic bottom
Sea to Germany. They become part of
Northern stream. The project will cost
9.9 billion euros (two existing lines
Northern stream treated in 8.5 billion).

Alliance suggests
and the expansion of co-production
liquefied natural gas, and a wide
intensification of exchange of assets.

On the sidelines
Petersburg Forum Miller said:
"Documents such values ​​are signed
no more frequently than once every five or even ten

The deal with Shell
- a great success for Gazprom,
especially now that many Western
companies reduce their investments in
Russia as a result of large-scale sanctions.
Gazprom is under US
sanctions, but not subject to the European,
therefore, actively fighting for a share of
European market. "Many of our
traditional partners - strong
regional players, but Shell
- the player at the global level. As
how to develop global gas
market, we will strengthen and create
global strategic partnership
- not only in Europe but also in
Brazilian, Australian, Asian
markets ", - said Miller.

Earlier this
, Shell agreed to
buy its larger rival less,
BG, for $ 70 billion, and
Miller sees this as an additional
the potential for cooperation in terms of
exchange of assets.

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