Friday, November 3, 2017

If Iran will remove sanctions

If Iran will remove the sanctions, it will escalate and derail the export of oil prices

Iran's economy is in
more dependent on exports
oil, but sanctions have limited opportunities
country to sell its oil on the world
markets. The country is now exporting
only 1.3 million barrels per day - up to a
sanctions, in mid-2012, the export of
It was 2.5 million barrels per day.

international sanctions are lifted, Iran
be able to increase oil exports by 1 million
barrels a day, said Oil Minister
country Bijan Namdar Zanganeh. any
deal with Iran, is likely to allow
country to start exporting again
more oil. But there's a catch -
the world is too much oil.

quotes have collapsed by more than $ 100
a barrel last summer - to a level
below $ 43, and that the lowest levels of
the last six years. return large
volumes of Iranian oil will likely
send prices even lower. it's bad
news for Iran, which needs
the price of oil above $ 130 a barrel to
to balance its budget, say
analysts from Deutsche Bank.

Sanctions against Iran
imposed the USA and the EU countries because of the
that is suspected in the development of the country
nuclear weapons under the cover of the program
the peaceful atom. At the moment, Iran
and "six" international
mediators (US, UK,
France, Germany, Russia, China)
continue negotiations and meetings to
to work out a political agreement on the
Iran's nuclear program (until March 24)
and a comprehensive agreement before the end of
of June. According to the source agency
Reuters, controversy
Iran's nuclear program is likely
all will not be resolved soon

"If we get
a message about reaching a framework
agreement within the next few
weeks, it is clear that in view of the market
psychology, this may affect the decline
prices", - said the head of department
Research Societe oil market
Generale SA in New York, Mayk Vittner.

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