Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Is it worth it to learn trading

Is it worth it to learn trading ???

Hello, dear blog readers, today I would like to talk about one of the topical issues - education Trading. I periodically asked whether held trading training you need to raise your level of knowledge, to learn something, how to find a teacher, etc.
To begin, let's talk about whether or not to undergo trading training. I can definitely say that, yes. I myself at the beginning of his trader's path took place relatively expensive (for a beginner) training trade. To say that this is me right something yielded tangible - I can not. Because I often did not suit the style of foreign trade and, therefore, it was difficult to trade against their views on the trading style, so in the end to build their own system prior knowledge is not affected. Despite this, the money after training (and thanks to him) I was able to earn from the market, and this gave me confidence in the success.
The fact that I've always wanted something more universal: that the system can be used on different instruments; to trade it could be the same as a scalping, day trading and srednesrok; and the main thing - that was enough to analyze only the price chart. Unfortunately, traders who only use these criteria in their system a little.
Therefore, some time after completing the course trading I decided to solve the problem on their own. And at the moment I understand that this is not done in vain because at that time, when I started to trade, and now has not appeared on the Internet a decent and full information on the reading of the price chart.
But that's not the point. Based on its experience, as described above, I can conclude some rules, following which should be approached in the search of his mentor:
- Your expectation of the system must conform to reality. It should be understood that the system should take into account your features and your ability, and not vice versa. Those. that in the future you do not have to adjust their lives to the trade. It may be that you wanted to go scalping lessons, and a year later get tired of it and decided to go in srednesrok. But srednesroke experience and you do not have a system, and revenues at the same time, of course, will fall. And in the worst case- go into losses.
- With the passage and after the training have to be a support. Just study the material - these are trifles. But communication with trading clients will provide invaluable experience.
- The price tag. Firstly, your money for education should not be the last of your savings. Second, do not rely on the principle of "the more the better dorozhe-", ie "I'll go ka-training is more expensive, and, most likely, a month already Otobaya the full amount." There's even a free stuff on the web that are worth more than a variety of learning trading for 50 TR and higher. In trading, as elsewhere, expensive - does not mean good. The first trading lessons give benefit to the teacher as he, along with the student passes all market classes again, so turn up the price of tuition is not much sense.

- And the most important thing. Be ready in the first place to ask yourself - study materials to improve their level of knowledge, diaries and statistics, drive system testers and players. Trading Education has a chance of success and reduce the time to develop, but does not make it the least possible.

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