Thursday, November 9, 2017

Analyzer PRO

Analyzer PRO

A newer version: Please follow this link to get a new version of the product

Best Forex market in real-time analyzer with additional powerful features for professional traders and developers of Expert Advisors.

Light rapidly and shows the most suitable pair to trade on the international Forex market.

The strength or weakness of each of the major currencies is calculated by ticks. Results are sorted by the appropriate economic divisions to account for their correlation.

Key features

  • individually configurable analysis
  • Short, medium and long-term analysis from several minutes to several years
  • Identical results of the calculation for all brokers
  • Identical calculation results on all symbols and timeframes
  • It works on all types of offline-charts, such as graphics Renko bars and range bars
  • Optimized fast price changes

  • Alert function for E-Mail, messages in the terminal, Push-notifications.
  • notification when the delta rises above or falls below a certain value
  • Separate levels for notifications about excess and fall 
  • Separate on / off button alerts on exceeding and falling below
  • customizable 
  • A special display mode for the user with a standard font size 125% 
  • Highlight the current character

  • Available buffers for advisers developers
  • Full functionality of the analysis in the Strategy Tester mode
  • Resource-saving option "EACall" calls for iCustom
  • Automatic detection suffix
  • Automatic adjustment of the market review 
  • Access to the log file 
  • Detailed FAQ Analyzer PRO


  • values ​​strong areas: greater than 5.5.

  • the neutral zone is from 3.5 to 5.5.

  • values ​​weak zones: at least 3.

A simple strategy: buy and sell the strongest symbol of the weak (eg, NZD: 5.9 and CAD: 2.6 -> open a long position on NZDCAD).

Analyzer PRO


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