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I Robot Merchant

I Robot Merchant

Advisor uses a strategy of "break resistance" and, as a prudent and thrifty merchant, waiting for the most profitable and least risky moment in the market. The day opens up on average 1-2 transactions for confirmation of the trend for a breakthrough. adviser I Robot-Merchant trades on the H1 timeframe of mid-term goals, depending on the size of "TakeFulls" (automatically updated on the number of open trades).

If you turn on a system of "martingale", the trades are opened in pitch "Step_Orders", thus reducing the size of the "TakeFulls" of step "Step_changes_Take_Fulls", to quickly get out of subsidence, if such a moment happens. The Martingale EA is mainly used only to gradually increase the load on the deposit and to obtain optimum profit from the market.

It is recommended to include several currency pairs, taking into account the size of the deposit to 2000 units per currency pair (for Lots = 0.1 and Leverage 500: 1). An advisor can enable the initial stop-loss (for this set ProfitTrailing to false) and ask "TrailingStop = 300", the size of which can be varied from 100 to 1000 points (all five-digit setting).

  • Advisor makes automatic reinvested (increase initial lots) with increasing deposit.

  • Use a different currency pairs, optimizing the size and volatility of the spread.


  • Martingale = true - Martingale-turn trade.

  • Deposit = 2000 - the initial trading deposit.

  • Trade_in_fri = true - trade on Friday.

  • CurSymbolOnly = true - average transaction only for the chosen currency pair.

  • Loss_Orders = 9000 - the size of the total losses averaging.

  • Take_Fulls = 150 - the size of the total profit averaging.

  • Step_changes_Take_Fulls = 30 - step reduction of the size averaging with an increasing number of transactions.

  • AllPositions = true - Thrall all positions in the terminal.

  • ProfitTrailing = true - Thrall's only when you reach a certain profit.

  • TrailingStop = 100 - size of profit, wherein tralling includes breakeven.

  • TrailingStep = 50 - trallinga step following the price.

  • UseSound = false - trallinga sound.

  • NameFileSound = "expert.wav" - the name of the sound file.

  • Multiplicftion_Lots = 2 - bid multiplier at Martingale.

  • Lots = 0.1 - the initial lot.

  • Turbo_Lots = 0 - adding to an increase lotnosti.

  • MaximalLot = 3 - the highest possible auction trading.

  • TakeProfit = 200.0 - the purpose of profit orders.

  • Peroid_smoothing_prices = 2 - period of price smoothing.

  • Period_breakthrough = 22 - breakthrough period MA (Moving Average).

  • Quality_breakthrough = 4 - quality AI breakthrough. 3 to 20. The smaller, the better signal.

  • Level_Stop_Martingale = 50 - level at which Martingale disabled. It can be varied from 5 to 100.

  • Step_Orders = 50.0 - step opening deals at Martingale.

  • Quantity_Orders = 10 - the maximum possible number of transactions in the Martingale.

  • Equity_Stopping = false - closing deals in excess of the level of equity.

  • Total_Equity_Risk = 20.0 - level resolution by equity in which all transactions are closed.

  • Magic = 2014 - Order ID.

The results of the strategy tester

Testing was performed on 2014.07.03 to 2013.08.01 at the currency pair EURUSD. Expert has earned more than $ 10,000 from the initial deposit in 2000 $.

I Robot Merchant

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