Friday, November 24, 2017

Line Crossing Alert

Line Crossing Alert

Expert, signaling the price crosses the lines on the chart.

Processed through two types: horizontal and trend. The number of lines is not limited.

It is possible to turn on the alarm to change the margin level of volume and total profit (loss) for the instrument.


  • price mode - option prices can be bid or ask.

  • timeout - timeout alarm.

  • number of repeats - repeats alarm limit.

  • comment lines - the number of lines in a comment.

  • email - Email-switch sending alerts.

  • notify - switch notification to the mobile terminals.

Extra options:

  • margin level - signaling the level of margin.

  • lots count - signaling by the volume of the current character position.

  • profit up - alarm on profit of the current character position.

  • loss down - alarm on loss position of the current character.

Hot keys:

  • by pressing Ctrl then "1" | "2" | "3" is trade report in a separate window:

    • "1" -on the current symbol,

    • "2" -on all characters

    • "3" -exclude current character.

  • Ctrl then "I" causes the output messages Account Information.

  • Ctrl then "S" causes the display of the message Symbol Information.

  • Ctrl then "M" is the net margin changes in a separate window.

  • Ctrl then "A" to show and hide the parameter edit menu.

Line Crossing Alert


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