Monday, November 27, 2017

Week pullback

Week pullback

EA opens the deal after weekly candle closed. It determines how much the price has passed for a week, and offers a deal on Monday at the opening in the opposite direction of the market. It uses strategy "Va-Bank" (Va-bank), which means the pullback on Monday after a strong week of movement. You can set the advisor at the weekend on the currency pair, which took the most points for the week, and optimize it specifically for this currency pair. Advisor to open the deal immediately after opening of the market (can be customized later). Closes deal on the take profit, or at the time of the forced closing of the transaction, and in the worst, but the rare event - the stop-loss.

Input parameters

  • lots - lot size;

  • max spread - maximum spread for the opening of the transaction (for accounts with floating spread to the transaction is opened when the spread is not too large);

  • magic - Unique Identifier (you need to do it differently if some councilors running in one terminal);

  • take profit - the closing price of the order when it reaches profitability level;

  • stop loss - the closing price of the order when it reaches the level of loss;

  • minimum length of the candle body - minimum body length weekly candle above which can open transaction (the larger the value, the longer should be weekly candle to advisor opened transaction);

  • hour start place order - hour, from which opening order;

  • minute start place order (0-59) - minute, with which opening order;

  • minute stop place order (0-59) - minute, after which the warrant is not open;

  • day of week close order - day of the week in which the order must be forcibly closed (1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, ... 5 - Friday);

  • hour close order - hour when the order is forcibly closed (if not already closed by stop-loss or take-profit);

Week pullback

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