Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ruble strengthened against background

The ruble strengthened against the background of growing oil

In the Monday, April 6,
in currency trading of the Russian ruble
I began to strengthen. Ruble against the dollar
grew by 0.45% against the euro - by 0.97%. TO
11:00 MSK pair USD / RUB traded
at the level of 56.494 and EUR / RUB -
at the level of 62.051, according to the portal

According to experts,
the ruble is gaining momentum due to the resumption
rising oil prices - the latter growing
accompanied by increased Saudi Arabia
official "price tags" on the delivery
Fuel Asia. Bloomberg news agency claims
that there are signs of improvement in demand.

May futures for
Brent rose today by 2.99% - up to $ 56.60 for
barrel, WTI - on 3,50% - to $ 50.86.

The Russian currency
the market for the central bank last week
increased rates on the foreign exchange auction
REPO, and thus to tighten monetary
policy on the part of the currency.
But it is doubtful whether it is done because of the glut
the market is likely, it is a signal that,
that the strong appreciation of the ruble is not
currently the desired trend.
But soon the market will develop such conditions,
which will enable banks without any
Risk earn editions experts say "Conn. Economy".

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