Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Expert Non Loss

Expert Non Loss

Advisor maps open positions without a loss.

Advisor attached to any schedule, and keeps track of all active orders, regardless of the currency pair to which it is attached. When passing amount price points specified in the parameters, translates in order without a loss.

It has only two parameters:

  • NonLoss - how many points in the plus transfer StopLoss

  • Pips - how much the price has to go through the items in the profit for something to translate the order without loss.

  • adaptiveSL - setting the value of the parameter used in adaptive true stop loss.

  • closeLot - how much must be closed when adaptiveSL = true.

  • closePips - how many points must pass price, in order to load adaptive stop loss.

Important! Translation is performed without loss at the opening of a new candlestick chart which is attached to the adviser.

Expert Non Loss

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