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robot ChosenBest, in which
It implemented a comprehensive strategy for the work set of indicators work in the channels and oscillators.


  • StandardDeviationChannel

  • SilverChannels


  • CCI

  • RSI

The signal is formed from four independent signals. Total
the signal must exceed the level LimitSignal,
and then allowed to enter the market in the direction indicated. maximum
value LimitSignal equally
the number of LEDs (4) and can take values ​​from 1 to 4 decimal
step. The signal from the indicator can be adjusted independently one from the values ​​of the coefficients (k_SDC, k_Silver, k_CCI, k_RSI), Each
which can range from 0.1 to 1 - weight indicator values ​​generally
signal. When 0.5 - affects the total signal by 50% with 1 - 100%, with 2 - to
200%. Thus, the resulting signal is formed.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably
On the market. Working capital of $ 100! It is important to choose a line of work, or
the two sides, or only to buy or sell. Also, the signal can be
invert. The expert uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trawl and stoploss
takeprofit and closure at an opposite signal.

It has an important function - correct calculation of risk. Absent
function outputs a single lot, the concept of risk used stoploss
It is required, as is counted lot from him regarding allowable losses
given risk. Any expert who is optimized without the risk of using
fixed lot, will obviously incorrect results. Since when
steal up optimization options that will increase the balance in the initial
interval history. Then everything is simple, with a large supply balance and working
fixed lot, will be able to pass any number of stories! but when
This running expert from another location on the history, it is likely
drain. Therefore, the concept of risk in the optimization and the work required! In this
case Risk works like this: 1 - is the risk
loss of 1 percent of the deposit.

The expert also has built-in advanced features
optimization of sorting, that is, it is desirable to optimize the using mode
"Custom max".

Overview of parameters:

  • OnOptimizationSharp - Used in the optimization method "Custom max"Accounting for additional Sharpe ratio.

  • Magic - Magic
    number, an arbitrary integer.

  • Work Period - Period
    on which the expert is working.

  • Risk - risks that
    enter the market, is set in percentage of the total loss of the deposit, Lot
    defined relative stoploss and allowable losses when the

  • LotRounding - Rounding of the lot (before decimal point).

  • Deviation - re-quotes.

  • Sleeps - Waiting
    open, close or modify positions.

  • Withdraw - Virtual
    withdrawals in the tester, a percentage of the initial deposit (if needed
    optimization over a longer period in order to protect from the saturation of the lot).

  • StopLoss - Stop-loss.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.

  • Trailing Period - Period
    It is running trawl.

  • Trailing Breakeven - Level bezubytka, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Start - level
    the beginning of the trawl, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Stop - level
    I trawl 0 - off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.

  • TrailingStep Period - Trawl the period.

  • Prohibit new series - If you want to finish the current position, and do not open the following, the
    You must enable this switch (support position before
    shutdown expert).

  • WorkOpenLong - Resolution
    the opening of the long position.

  • WorkOpenShort -
    Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong -
    Resolution on the closure of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort -
    Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion - Inverting input signal.

  • SignalBar - Bar, which begins with a look at the (1 - the first fully
    formed bar).

  • LimitSignal - Border
    for the sum signal.


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