Thursday, November 23, 2017

Trade On Test

Trade On The Test

Indicator Trade On The Test generates signals for the purchase / sale in the form of up and down arrows on the basis of the found best trend certain algorithm.


He is trying to determine the best indicator of the trend by analyzing the movement of prices and data indicator Ichimoku. After determining and confirming a trend indicator determines the optimal input level, testing found the trend and provides a corresponding signal to buy and sell.

types of signals

The indicator draws the arrows in four colors: navy blue, red, lime and purple color.

  • Aqua arrows indicate the possibility of opening a deal to buy

  • Red arrows indicate the possibility of opening the transaction to sell

Item display

  • Bar back - the number of bars, which still show previous arrow (on the chart)

  • Arrow distance - the place of the arrow above or below the candles in paragraphs

  • Alert On - to enable or disable alerts, true or false.

  • Use_Info_Chart - to enable or disable the display of the chart data

  • IC - setting Ichimoku indicator

  • Tenkan sen - between Tenkan sen Period

  • Kijun sen - period Kijun sen Period

  • Senkou sen - period Senkou sen

Notes on

  • Recommended timeframe: 4:00
  • Recommended symbol: all forex pairs, CFD

Input and output can be performed only by the red arrows and arrow aqua.

In the opposite signal appears advisable to open the opposite order of double the size of the lot.

Trade On Test

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