Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bollinger Histogram

Bollinger Histogram

Histogram of the difference of the upper and lower level lines Bollinger. Height Histogram range extension means for trending portion narrowing range reduction means during the correction. Histogram color: the fate of the trend on the increase, a trend plots for a fall and corrections areas are marked with different colors. Like other trend indicators, it gives clear signals, but with a delay.

There is information about the function of the color change (or the end of a trend). You can activate Push-, Alert- or Mail-notification. You can select whether only the notification of the closure of the bar or on the current situation.

indicator settings

  • Bands Period - period simple moving average. You can not specify below 2.

  • Bands Deviation - standard deviation of a simple moving average. You can not specify less than 1.00

  • Applied Price - the prices at which the moving average is based. Drop-down list.

  • Must it use the Push Notification? - whether to use Push-notifications to MetaQuotes ID?

    • true - use (in the terminal settings must specify MetaQuotes ID)

    • false - do not use

  • Must it use the Alert Notification? - whether to use the Alert-notification?

    • true - use (a message will be displayed followed by the sound)

    • false - do not use

  • Must it use the Mail Notification? - whether to use the E-Mail notifications?

    • true - use (you must fill in the relevant paragraph of the terminal settings)

    • false - do not use

  • Price for notification - on what bar to take the information for the notifications

    • Current - of the current bar

    • Close - on closing of the previous bar

  • Pause for notifications (sec) - pause between notifications using the current bar. Specified in seconds. You can not specify less than 10 seconds. When using the current bar situation can often change the color of the bar. In order not to send too many messages and not to exceed the limit, the restriction introduced in the setup.

Bollinger Histogram

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