Monday, October 9, 2017

Asian markets ended day in green

Asian markets ended the day in green zone

Asian optimism reigned. the MSCI
Asia Pacific added,
little - only 0.1%, but the main
national indicators showed
pretty impressive results.
up to 0.65%,
Composite jumped
to 2,6%, Hang
Seng added
1,5%, KOSPI
firmed 0.51%. China
again holds the lead thanks
to the head of the regulator, which
He promised to support economic
recovery and assured investors that
in China the authorities are available for this
resources. This confidence is a positive
It reflected in all markets
Asia-Pacific region, with the
except Australia, which
today dipped by 1.3% due to the fall in prices
for raw materials.

shares of Chinese banks and insurance
Companies: Industrial
Bank Co added
8,8%, Citic
Bank - 3.4%,
New China
Bank Insurance - on

capitalization of Industrialists and
Developers: Zoomlin
Heavy Industry Science Technology added

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