Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gold at two week highs on dollar

Gold at two-week highs on the dollar weakening

gold rises
since yesterday, taking advantage of
the weakening of the dollar. On Wednesday
it reached almost two weeks
highs: gold
delivery in June to 11.11 MSK worth $ 1
194.20. Spot gold trading to 11.13 MSK
$ 1 194.99.

precious metal is weakened
and financial and stock markets immediately.
Recall from Monday at the world
bond markets played out strong
volatility. Yesterday again jumped
the yield on 10-year German bonds,
rising to six-month highs,
before stabilizing. Usually
an increase in bond yields
reduces investment demand for
non-interest assets - such as gold.

"The question that
now it faces the gold - hold
whether it is a weak pulse of dollars or
Still, increase of yield on the debt
market again presses on the metal and make
his move away from the psychologically important
the level of $ 2,000 per ounce, "- says
HSBC analyst Dzheyms Stil.
While to all appearances, the dollar and the weak
US macroeconomic impact
gold stronger, supporting him in

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