Thursday, October 12, 2017



MULTIGAP - multi-advisor
working for Gap.

gap - the emergence of "gap" between quotations Friday's closing and opening of quotations

When the gap on Monday the deal will be open on the
currency pair, where the maximum gap. The transaction will be opened if the GAP More
porog_gap threshold.

Perhaps the opening of the second additional transaction while driving
prices in the opposite direction by an amount greater porog_otl.

Transactions are closed by stop loss, take profit or
occurrence of certain conditions.

Default used major currency pairs: EURUSD,

You can use up to 10 currency pairs.

settings for
5-digit account:

  • HOUR_START - hour opening of trading on Monday (default 0).

  • porog_gap - threshold gap (at
    Default 200, 4 characters = 20).

  • tp -
    level take profit in paragraphs (170, 4 characters = 17).

  • sl -
    level stop loss in paragraphs (2000, 4 characters = 200).

  • porog_otl - threshold extension
    order (default 340, 4 characters = 34).

  • magic - magic number
    main order.

  • magic2 - magic number
    additional orders.

  • risk - the risk of the interest on
    available free margin level (recommended 1-30).

  • lot -
    Lot trade, is used when the risk<= 0 or risk>100.

  • ind - indication flag (true - display on the screen,
    false - not show).

  • symbol_1 -
    the name of the first trading symbol (for example, EURUSD).

  • torg_1 - if true, the trade of the first character is allowed.
    If false, then no.

  • ...

  • symbol_10 -
    the name of the tenth trading symbol.

  • torg_10 - permit trade
    ten characters.


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