Monday, October 16, 2017

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 22.06.

By the end of yesterday, the pair could be close to the support level 1.1164. Today, the pair is trading above the Pivot 1,11524 level. Trading volumes are low. MACD is rising. RSI decreases from perekuplennosti zone boundaries. We are waiting for the growth of the pair to 1.12. Support levels: 1.11383, 1.11109, 1.10968. Resistance Levels: 1.11798, 1.11939, 1.12213

The pair yesterday was able to demonstrate growth in the region of 1.27. Toward the close of the session corrected to 1.2670 where trades so far. In hourly chart pound located above Pivot 1,26549 level but below SMA200. RSI tends upward. MACD slightly reduced. We are waiting for growth to 1.27. Support levels: 1.26079, 1.25416, 1.24946. Resistance Levels: 1.27212, 1.27682, 1.28345

Today, the pair is trading below the level of Pivot 0,75584. On H1 quotes went under the middle line of Bollinger. MACD is increasing slightly. RSI is reduced. Today we expect trading within a narrow range. If the pair will go under 0.75, the forward loss. Support levels: 0.75372, 0.75211, 0.74999. Resistance Levels: 0.75745, 0.75957, 0.76118

The pair is trading below the level of Pivot 0,97309. RSI tends down into the oversold zone. MACD rises from the negative to the positive region. We are waiting for the pair today fall into the area of ​​the third support with subsequent growth up. Support levels: 0.97139, 0.97050, 0.96880. Resistance Levels: 0.97398, 0.97568, 0.97657

The analysis of commodity currencies on June 22

Quotes of oil continues to decline, despite a positive report from the US Department of Energy. Statistics recorded a reduction in stocks of crude oil and its derivatives to 2.451 million barrels, well above forecasts. This has contributed to the short-term strengthening of the position of oil to $ 46.18 per barrel, but later re-quotes updated local minima at $ 44.36. In this regard, OPEC plans to introduce an additional reduction of quotas.

As a result, the oil falling to a 10-month lows quotes pair USD / CAD moved to increase. However, the US dollar was unable to overcome the 1.3350 level, and at the moment the pair shows consolidation below this level. A further fall in the loonie is unlikely due to the rather rigid position of the Bank of Canada, rendering support to the national currency.

The new drop of oil once again a negative impact on the ruble. the dollar first rose above the level of 60 rubles. Despite the decline in crude oil inventories in the US, the volume of most hydrocarbon production continued to rise. If OPEC will come to the decision to change the terms of the new Treaty of Vienna, this can positively affect both the oil and the ruble. In addition, the ruble is supported by a tax period, so during the day expect decrease in pair to the level of 59.50 rubles.

22.06. fundamental analysis

The focus today: Index Core retail sales in Canada

Reserve Bank of New Zealand left interest rates unchanged. The New Zealand dollar strengthened because officials are not worried about currency appreciation. In addition, they noted that the growth prospects of the economy are positive, as are supported by population growth, changes in the budget and ongoing monetary policy.

Petroleum currency weakened after the appearance of data on oil reserves in the United States, which decreased by 2.5 million barrels.

The British pound fluctuated during the North American trading session. On the one hand, investors are worried because of the political instability: the problem of Tereza Mey to create a coalition government, "Breksit" etc.

On the other hand, the Bank of England unexpectedly took a tough stance. Yesterday, Endi Haldeyn, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee announced the "hawkish" view, calling the currency rise. However, let us not forget that the head of the Bank of England Mark Karni does not support the idea of ​​raising rates.

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