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Why is American dream can fall

Why is the American dream can fall apart

Jeremy Olshem, MarketWatch The portal editor, I read a study about what the poor children in America are different from the rich and how it has the potential to affect the country's economy. His calculations look very touching and funny at the background of the amazing highs "Star boys and girls"That suddenly occur in Russia. All we regularly see some spectacular career children do Upper Middle Class and how they differ from the usual Vovochek in ordinary Russian schools. Let us celebrate this sweet, kind and fluffy appeal to American equality and fraternity, based on economic assumptions.

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" young
hero laments the efforts of its reception
mother "civilize it," especially for
dining table, where he complains
what each dish is prepared and served
separately. "In the belly of the differences still
will not "- says Finn. - "All of
all mixed and digested, and deeds
will get better. "

thought of this story, read the study
Roberta Putnema "Our Children", a shocking
the study of how disastrously
It is increasing the gap between rich and poor
children. America would like to think of myself
as a "barrel with all sorts of things," his
kind of democratic stew Huck Finn.
But, as Putnam shows American
society is becoming more and more like
dishes on his foster mother, where each
the dish is cooked separately and served
on different plates.

from the high strata of society separated
from the other, not only socially, and and
geographically: they settle in the wealthy
suburbs and teach children in some
schools, from their serious separiruyas
less fortunate colleagues. As a result, children from
families with lower income can not only
faced with great difficulties, but
and have no positive examples. They
effectively cut off from the majority

says: "If you're young and in America
poor, then you really are isolated
and do not have close ties almost
with anyone you cook in its own juices.
You do not know anything about the potential
your talents or skills of the species
Now demanded by society. You
not have the skills to communicate with people from
other social circles. "

Putnam shows how the structure of the family,
the practice of bringing up children, their education,
habits and health status correlate
with possibilities. So, the correlation
This decreases the stronger, the poorer
a family. It turns out that very often the poor
families are still incomplete: social
installation is very different from
the so-called middle class.

educated and affluent parents
spend more time with their children. because of
lack of support and positive
example, perhaps poor children with the most
high marks are less likely to
higher education in college,
than rich kids with Flysiesta.Pl
estimates. Baby
obesity is almost completely stamped out in
families secured, but continues
grow among low-income citizens.

He accuses wealthy parents is
that they want the best for their children.
"Maybe you'll be surprised at
his book, I did not appoint villains "-
he said. But
he concludes, and warns that
to help improve children's prospects
from poor families, it is not only
moral obligation of the rich people in America.
They will get from this direct economic
benefit. The US economy would have been powerful
impulse, if tears were patched.
"We can not continue to live in our
crystal castles and in some
plates, otherwise it take on a momentum unpleasant
consequences ", - he says.

as I suggested at the dinner table Huck
Finn, when we mix things up and break
physical and cultural class
partitions, "things will get better."

Jeremy Olshem for portal MarketWatch. Translation - Anomalia.

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