Tuesday, October 10, 2017

RSI Selfoptim

RSI Selfoptim

The essence of this indicator is very simple. The basis was taken RSI oscillator and in his work, it was observed that the strong market RSI directional movement and dramatically altered their values ​​between neighboring bars. For RSI Sefloptim Taken as a basis algorithm statistical analysis of these changes and finding their extremes. With such statistics, which is always improving and updating in progress, the indicator provides a point to enter the market.

Description parameter

  • Optim_start - number candle / bar beginning RSI indicators analysis interval.

  • Optim_end - number candle / bar end indicators RSI analysis interval.

  • Visual - indicator displaying the number of bars, starting with zero.

  • SizeArrow - arrow-resolution signal to enter the market.

  • Distance - away from the maximum or minimum signal candle arrows.

  • Sensitivity - settlement period indicator.

  • k - factor from zero to one. It specifies the percentage of the extremum in the analysis of RSI values ​​change.

Recommendations for use

  • For a more accurate operation is not set very large candles analysis ranges. It is advisable to take no more than 100.

  • For a more complete analysis it is recommended to select intervals of high volatility, but not too far in history.

  • Coefficient k best shown itself at values ​​in the range of 0.3-0.5.

  • Indicators k below 0.3 increased amount of signals, but also reduce their quality. Plus the fact that you can have time to go for the best price at a strong trend.

  • Indicators k above 0.5 gives signals less risky, but also less cost to enter.

RSI Selfoptim

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