Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scalper Dream Dynamic Filtered

Scalper Dream Dynamic Filtered

The indicator is designed specifically for the market scalping on trend! portions on timeframes M5-H1, a complex algorithm is a combination of several indicators for dynamically changing market. Besides the main signals are also present minor (faster but less accurate). For filtering signals, there are two built-in filter is disabled. Recommended for M15 TF. The signal is accompanied by an additional line of direction, at the end of which the probability of a price reversal increases. An arrow appears at the opening of the bar and remains, the indicator does not redraw their values!


  • UseConditionsBO - regime change priority of the basic conditions of Indicator

  • UseExplosionFilter - enabling / disabling power filter direction

  • ExplosionFilterFastPeriod - quick calculation period Filter force direction

  • ExplosionFilterSlowPeriod - slow period for calculating the filter strength directions

  • ExplosionFilterSmoothingPeriod - period of the smoothing filter strength directions

  • UseLongTrendFilter - enabling / disabling the filter term trend

  • LongTrendFilterPeriod - the period for calculating long-term trend filter

  • ShowAdvancedSignals - enabling / disabling secondary signals

  • UseExplosionFilterForAdv - enabling / disabling the filter strength for secondary direction signals

  • UseLongTrendFilterForAdv - enabling / disabling the filter strength for secondary direction signals

  • AddDigits - additional indicator accuracy

  • ArrowUpCode - arrow signal code up

  • ArrowDownCode - code signal down arrow

  • AdvArrowUpCode - additional code signal up arrow

  • AdvArrowDownCode - code additional signal down arrow

Scalper Dream Dynamic Filtered

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