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Open lock

Open lock

Advisor reduces loss on open positions and closing of the transaction minus into a plus.

Ability to work in tandem with other advisers. For example, when your advisor has accumulated loss, Open Lock can turn it off and take a job with the transactions themselves.

Methods of money management

  1. Blocking to prevent an increase in the drawdown;

  2. Averaging orders, which are necessary for the closure of the loss;

  3. Partially closed to reduce the load on the deposit.

Averaging orders are opened in small lots, not to load deposit.

Gain according slips used for partial closing distance losing position.

After closing the position averaging Advisor aligns lock.


  • Language - language interface control panel;

  • Magic number - unique number of orders averaging. Should not the same as the magic number of other advisors

  • Maximal lot in average ord (0-not used) - maximum lot, which will open a counselor in an averaging order. When 0 is not limited to the lot

  • Dinamic step - whether to use a dynamic step in the discovery of new orders

    • Not used - do not use

    • Step x Multiplier - a new order will be opened through a step multiplied by a factor (option is only pitch increase ratio should be greater than 1)

  • Maximal step (0-not used) - maximum pitch (pip), which can be set between Averaging orders. When 0 step is not limited. This parameter is used only when the dynamic step.

  • Start work - when to start work with transactions

    • At startup - immediately after the start

    • By drawdown level - after reaching a level of drawdown

  • Drawdown in curr - drawdown size deposit currency (Required if the above selected By drawdown level)

  • Stop another advisors - the ability to stop the work of other advisors in this terminal

    • Not use - do not use this feature

    • Close other charts - close other graphics to disable the work of other advisors (works only when the drawdown level)

  • Time to open orders - time averaging is allowed to open orders

    • All time - Anytime

    • Schedule for opening average ord (24H) - only the specified interval

  • From - hour, with which permitted to trade, if the selected trade scheduled (possible values ​​from 0 to 23)

  • To - h, to which is permitted to trade, if the selected trade scheduled (possible values ​​from 0 to 23)

If the work is planned in the evening until the morning, it is necessary to specify the From: 22 To: 6

If the work is planned in the afternoon, the From: 12 To: 21

Control Panel

  • Blocking - full Blocking positions in financial instruments. If you have opened five lots Buy, the Advisor will open another five lots Sell. Thus loss on account ceases to grow.

  • averaging order

    • lot - lot size for the first transaction

    • Coefficient - the amount by which the lot will increase each subsequent transaction

    • Step - distance between orders pips

    • Direction - which way will be opened averaging warrant

    • Buttons Buy / Sell - Allows you to manually open the averaging warrant

  • Closing orders

    • Selection of orders, It works with the adviser. You can select all orders or a particular. The list displays only the unprofitable orders

    • lot - a lot will be closed from losing trades. If the parameter is 0.2, and the transaction is open lot 1.0, the adviser closes an arm 5 steps

    • Profit - minimum income, which must be at the close of the averaging of the loss-making orders and orders

Advisor removes all levels of SL and TP. This is necessary for correct operation.

When specifying the direction of trade should be established averaging lot more than a lot, which you close.


When you run the advisor to the deal itself opens, which then tries to close with profit.

You can use the buttons at the bottom of the control panel to open additional market orders.

Open lock


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