Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Greek minister predicted collapse

Greek minister predicted the collapse of the euro zone

Greek Finance said Yanis Varoufakis
in an interview with Spanish television channel La
Sexta, that if Greece leaves
eurozone, it will inevitably lead to the departure of
other countries.

who plays with the idea of ​​Greece cut off from
the euro area in the hope that the remaining
survive - is playing with fire. Some
They argue that Europe and the ECB have in
disposal tools that
let amputate Greece in case
necessary to cauterize the wound and let
the rest of the eurozone countries to live in peace
farther. I very much doubt that this is so.
Not just about Greece, but also about
any other part of the European Union. After
how the idea of ​​"non-eternity 'currency
Union will be familiar to people,
speculation begin: who's next?
This question will act as a solvent
for the monetary union. Sooner or later
it will happen".

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