Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In April Moscow Exchange will

In April, Moscow Exchange will allow transactions in dollars

on the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange, with
April 27 investors
"Along with the calculations in
rubles will be technically possible
transactions with foreign securities
securities with settlement in US dollars. "
This was also told
deputy chairman of the Moscow Exchange
Andrew Chemetov edition

"We see
demand for dollar liquidity,
It runs a lot of dollar products,
such ETF for eurobonds", - He speaks
Chemetov. he also
added that the sale of
currency should provide
investors greater protection.

participants will
opportunity to make
guarantee fund in dollars
and euro bonds or federal
loan. At the moment
You can only make

touch and Derivatives Market
- there will be inducted mode
automatic options are exercised.
Since the end
April options on quarterly futures
in the course of USD / RUB and EUR / RUB will be executed
automatically in the daily clearing.

And finally,
Moscow Exchange expands
list of securities admitted to trading
partial collateral and
provide players
the ability to trade in bonds,
denominated in RMB and
British pounds, as well as
perform calculations in these

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