Friday, November 3, 2017

US trading closed in green zone

US trading closed in the green zone

In Monday trading on
Stock Exchange in the United States in the growth
the main indicators. S P 500 index
increased by 0.39% - to 2079.43, the industrial index
Dow Jones - by 0.78% - to 17,995.72, a high-tech
Nasdaq added 0.31% - to the level of 4942.44.

US indices
rebounded on Monday after an impressive
drawdown at the end of last week. Then
Friday S P 500 fell steadily downwards.
However, yesterday's rebound could be just
technical, and because analysts do not
exclude that the index may continue
fall to the levels of 2040-2050.

Perhaps no one
surprised by yesterday's rise of the stock market
US, because out last week
important macroeconomic reports
the labor market in February. This data
It will affect all bids on Monday
morning. According to reports, in February
the country has increased the number of jobs
up to 295 thousand., while the expected growth of only
240 thousand. At the same time, the unemployment rate
It fell from 5.7% to 5.5%, and were waiting for only 5.6%.

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