Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wall Street indexes rose after

Wall Street indexes rose after the statements Janet Yellen

US stocks
rose in trading Wednesday after
Fed calmed investors: schedule
increase of the interest rates of the regulator
It is not aggressive. On the stock market is not
pushed even an obvious reference to the fact that
rate still raise, and are likely to happen
is not later than six months.

S P 500 added
1.21%, all ten of its sectors rose.
Dow Jones rose by 1,27%, NASDAQ
firmed 0.92%.

Yellen has sent a clear signal that
it estimates the growth of the economy as a
moderate, and will not be too hurry
with an increase in rates, "- commented
yesterday's events Devid Dzhoy, chief
market strategist at Ameriprice
Financial (Boston).

power engineers increased (because crude
Oil has risen in price, while the dollar fell).
Energy podyndeks, S P.SPNY,
It added 2.9%, making a great
contribution to the overall S P 500 growth.

among the winners
that day - Oracle, which
It added 2.9% after quarterly
statements. Statements have been stable,
without any splashes, but the quarterly
dividend raised by 25%. investors
It is appreciated.

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