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Moving Average Cross

Moving Average Cross

adviser Moving Average Cross It is a classic trend advisor. It is working on a real account with any broker any method of execution of orders. Resistant to errors connections, controls the margins, not allowing "overload" of the deposit when working with other advisers. Adviser also has built-in capabilities to trade on the principle of the Martingale.

Moving Average Cross It based on the following idea:

The intersection of two moving average lines (fast and slow) as a signal to open and close positions, plus additional features to enhance the efficiency of the vending machine.

The main advantages of trend trading strategy that employs the adviser is, firstly, the opening position solely in the direction of the trend, and secondly, the possibility of long-term retention of profitable positions, which allows to obtain a good combination of distributions of profit / loss in the third, simplicity and clarity when configuring and testing the system.

Rules of entry into the market

Advisor enters the market at the time of opening of the next candle after the signal. Signal candle - that spark, which was recorded signal to enter the market.

for an entry signal to the market:

  • BUY: fast MA crosses the slow MA from the bottom up.

  • SELL: fast MA crosses the slow MA downwards.

When you open a transaction, you can specify the value of take-profit and stop-loss. If these values ​​are below the permissible values ​​of the broker, adviser to install them automatically.

of the market exit rules

If the function is enabled Closing MACross Advisor out of the market at the time of opening of the next, after a warning, the candle. Signal candle - that spark, which was recorded signal to exit the market.

The signal to exit the market:

  • BUY: fast MA crosses the slow MA downwards.

  • SELL: fast MA crosses the slow MA from the bottom up.

Also, the operation can be closed manually or by a predetermined take-profit or stop loss.

Additional features of the vending machine

  1. Installation of Stop-Loss and Take-Profit.

    When opening a position, the system sets the order take-profit and stop-loss. This measure is an additional security feature, since the loss of communication with a server or other technical problem with the client computer, set the order system will be controlled by these orders.

  2. Move the stop to breakeven.

    This function enables the transfer of stop-loss orders to break even. This can dramatically reduce the number of losing trades during sideways trend in the market.

  3. Trailing.

    This feature allows you to transfer stepwise stop-loss orders, already protecting the profits if there is an open position.

  4. Commercial variable volume.

    This function uses the known principle of the Martingale, when the next produced the increased volume after losing trade. When using this feature, you must be especially careful, since the use of this method of trading has higher risk.

Description advisor parameters

  • Lot - lot, which will trade adviser.

  • Stop_Loss - the value of Stop Loss in points for the position.

  • Take_Profit - value take-profit points for the position.

  • Fast_MA - the period for calculating the fast moving average.

  • Slow_MA - the period for calculating the slow moving average.

  • MA_Type - method of calculating moving averages (0-Simple, 1-Exponential, 2-Smoothed, 3-Linear Weighted).

  • Close_Posicion_Via_MACross - switch (true) or off (false) an adviser - closing of positions by crossing the middle.

  • Stop_To_Zero_Function - switch (true) or off (false) adviser function - transfer Stop Loss to break even.

  • Stop_To_Zero_Level - value in points when the adviser moves stop loss to breakeven. If the value is less than the resolution of the system stop-loss level, the adviser establish said parameter value automatically.

  • Tral_Function - switch (true) or off (false) an adviser - Trailing Stop.

  • Tral_Level - level of profit in points, after which the work will be a trailing stop.

  • Tral_Step - value in the paragraphs above which EA will carry trailing stop loss. If the value is less than 10 points for tools with an accuracy of 5 decimal places, and 5 points for other instruments establish advisor value 10 or 5 points, respectively.

  • Voice_signal - switch (true) or off (false) an adviser - on the sound notification when opening and closing positions of advisor.

  • Margin_Control - switch (true) or off (false) an adviser - to control the percentage of funds used in the trade.

  • Max_Persent_Depo - percentage of funds (deposit interest) to be used in trade. Value recommended at 5-10% (and less than 100%).

  • Martin_Function - switch (true) or off (false) an adviser - the use of variable volume for trading. (When carrying out unprofitable transaction will be opened next large lot by multiplying the previous amount by the magnification factor of the lot).

  • Martin_Koef - magnification lot when trading variable volume.

  • Max_Lot - the maximum size of a trading position in the trade variable volume.

  • iMagicNumber - unique number of trading advisor. The system sets the number given time period.

Moving Average Cross

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