Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Brent below $ 100 despite technical

Brent below $ 100, despite the technical correction

Brent mark is below
$ 100 per barrel for most
the long period from April 2013.
Slowing economic growth
worldwide delivery exacerbates excess
oil, so the demand for it is reduced
and supply - remains. WTI was
on average, at yesterday's level. AT
London for the third day of Brent crude oil
It is trading below $ 100.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced that
money supply growth in China has been the most
slowest in five months - it
definitely put pressure on the "black
gold ", because China - one of the main
oil consumers.

Pm, the analyst-consultant JBC Energy
GmbH (Vienna) told the news agency
Bloomberg: "Global
macroeconomic picture has become
too dark. It is hard to imagine,
cocktail of any bullish factors
can turn the oil market
the coming months. " So long as possible
only a technical rebound (which,
in fact, are taking place).

Brent futures rose
13 cents to 99.29 dollars per barrel
on the London Stock Exchange ICE. WTI with
October delivery on the New York
Mercantile Exchange was trading at
92.81 dollars per barrel (yesterday the price
It rose 9 cents, compared with
Monday, when oil WTI
demonstrated most
lowest price since January 14). The volume of all
sold futures were about
36% higher than the 100-day average.

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